Terms and Conditions

Please note:

The application works by using a special technology to identify your location (geolocation) by means of the relevant services on your mobile device. To use the application, you must grant the app access to your geolocation. You can do this in the settings of your mobile device;

You can pass a chosen quest only being in the physical realm in appropriate locations;

To use the application you must give the app access to your mobile device's camera. You can do this in the settings of your mobile device;

The application suggests you passing a quest or performing the task in public places with a round-the-clock access or with a certain schedule. Before choosing a specific location suggested for passing a quest or completing a task, read the schedule and rules of visiting the appropriate place. Anyway the Administration is not responsible for any inconvenience or loss caused by a broken location (museum, park, gallery, etc.) for any reason;

The application offers to pass a quest or perform a task in public places both by means of free or payable access. The right of access (entrance ticket) is purchased by the user at his/her own expense. Keep it in mind while choosing a location from the proposed application;

Be careful and cautious while being in the appropriate location and passing quests and tasks offered by the application. The Administration is not responsible for any damage that you may incur in a particular location when using the application and passing a relevant quest or completing a task;

Please check weather conditions before passing quests and performing tasks in an open area. Watch out for your general state of health. If you have any contraindications, please postpone or refuse to use the application;

If you are under 18, you can use of the application only with the consent or under the supervision of parents (legal representatives);

If you have problems with completing a quest or performing a task, you can use the auto-tell function;

When passing quests or performing tasks offered by the application difficulties may arise due to objective changes in a particular location that is outside the control zone of the Administration. For example, the closure of any part of the park, the desired output, the display change or partial change in exposure, etc. In this case it's impossible to complete a quest or to perform a task. Thus, you can use the "Complete task instantly" function and finish passing the quest or performing the task;

From time to time the application may be updated, which will lead to the loss of data on the started but not finished quest or task. In this case you will have to start the quest or perform the task from the beginning.