CityStories is a brand new quest you can play in your city by uncovering clues, solving fun and challenging puzzles, and moving from one interesting location to the next. You are the main character in one of the many fascinating, movie-quality plots. Use your brain, intuition, imagination and observation skills to complete the quest as quickly as possible.

Each quest is an adventure that lasts 1-4 hours depending on your intelligence, attention to detail, puzzle-solving skills and desire to win. Complete the quest as quickly as possible and set the new record!

Love museums and exhibitions? Now you can see and experience them like never before with interactive and exciting indoor quests.

CityStories is an exciting, real-life adventure combined with augmented reality and GPS-based puzzles and clues!

Moscow, Russia

City and museum quests

It’s a unique adventure based on a professionally-written plot!

You must solve a series of puzzles and visit special places in the most interesting parts of your city.

Got stuck in a quest or can’t solve a puzzle? Don’t give up - receive hints and clues and keep playing!

Walk in the city or visit museums and exhibitions, follow the plot, uncover the secrets and become part of the story.

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Get the free app, choose a story to play, and complete the quest by yourself or with your friends and family. See your own city in a new light, or explore new cities and places with CityStories!