Privacy Policy for the entertainment application for mobile devices «City Stories»

This document (the "Privacy Policy") specifies the conditions for the collection and processing by City Story (the Company) of these individuals - users of the entertainment application for mobile devices City Stories ("application"), describes what user data collect, collection objectives and methods of data processing. The text of this Policy is freely available at , as well as on the app store application page.

This Privacy Policy is based and based on the principles established by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data" of 27.07.2006. N 152-FZ (as amended on July 29, 2012).

By downloading / installing the application, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy in full and express your voluntary consent to the processing of your data in the ways and for the purposes described in this document. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please refrain from downloading (downloading / installing) the application or any other use thereof.

This Privacy Policy is not part of the / appendix / appendix to the terms / policies of the application stores that you use when downloading the application. Be sure to read all the agreements / policies of the application stores before downloading the application.

1. Data being processed.

1.1. In connection with the use of the application you provide the Company, and it processes the following data:

Your name, nickname in the application (if provided);

mobile phone number and mobile network data;

E-mail address;

location (location) when the application is used.

In case of accessing the application using an account in social networks (if this function is provided), the data contained in your profile, for example, but not limited to: name, photo or other image used as an avatar, ID number in this social network , e-mail address, language and other information become available to the Company and may be processed by it for the purposes and in the order established by this Privacy Policy. Be sure to read all the agreements / policies of the social network that you use.

To use the application, you need to enable geolocation services on your mobile device and allow the application to access the location in order to determine your location at the time of application use, and also give the application access to the camera of your mobile device.

Data about application users can also be obtained by the Company from application stores. The provision, processing and any further use of such information by these companies is governed by the relevant agreement between you and the application stores (usually such agreements are also called "privacy policies" and are posted on official websites). Receiving such information, the Company assumes that your data has been received, processed and transferred in a legitimate way, that is, with your voluntary consent.

1.2. In order to provide quality services, additional non-individual data can be processed:

IP address;

technical information on the mobile device, operating system, applications and peripherals used, which can be collected regularly for the purpose of providing application health or providing updates / improvements to the application;

language and country of residence;

Mobile operating system version;

the name of the country from whose territory access to the application is made;

statistical data obtained by using the application, for example, gaming achievements, points scored, game level, etc.;

• the time and duration of the application;

Data about the user's location when the application is used;

• data from the camera of the user's mobile device when the application is being used;

the data you provided in connection with the request to the Company.

2. The purpose of processing your data

You provide the Company with data in connection with your voluntary desire to use the applications. The data provided is used for the purpose of providing entertainment services, as well as ensuring the functioning of the application and maintaining the proper level of service.

Data is provided by you at (without limitation): registration / creating an account in the application; Use of the application, including installation (download) of the application, and other use of the application functionality; account management in the application; with participation in in-game events, including various marketing and promotional activities; when accessing the application through a login or ID, used in social networks; when communicating with the Company, including the sending of requests; at the request of authorized bodies (in particular, state bodies responsible for information security, as well as interstate bodies), in cases established by applicable law.

Your data is processed for the following purposes (not limited to):

Providing the ability to download and use the application, as well as access to the entertainment script and application functionality, as well as the ability to use the application for the intended purpose;

interaction with other users when using the application;

sending notifications and messages about the application and entertainment services, as well as any contact with you;

analyze the effectiveness of the application and improve it;

provision of technical support;

informing about the current status of the application, events related to the entertainment service of the application, its updates and other similar events (for example, informing about the launches of new gaming functionality, entertainment and gaming capabilities);

informing about other Company applications.

3. Using Your Data

The company can collect, record, organize, accumulate, store, update (update, modify, combine, group), extract, use, transfer, impersonate, block, delete or destroy data, and use your data with other information to ensure the operation, management and application development. Data can also be combined with data from application stores.

The company does not process the data of minors. If you are under 18, and you want to use the application, please get the consent of the parents (legal representatives) to use the application. The company may at any time request such consent.

The company has the right to provide your non-personal data to advertising services (including, if the application contains built-in advertising), as well as services that provide tools for analytic applications in order to provide its improvements or provide additional entertainment services. 

Also, the data can be transferred to the assignee of the Company, including in case of merger, acquisition, spin-off, division of the company, or to the new owner of the Company upon its sale.

The company does not sell your data to third parties. 

Also, you must be aware and understand that your data can be provided to third parties in the following cases:

when necessary to comply with legislation;

when there are reasonable suspicions of a potential or existing violation of the rights of the Company or other users, in order to protect the rights of the injured party;

in cases of violation of intellectual property rights.

4. Storage of data

The period of storage of personal data is the period during which you use the application, including when the application is installed on a mobile device, if another period is not provided for by applicable law (for example, for accounting purposes or compliance with tax laws).

Depersonalized data (in a form that does not allow the identification of a personal data subject) can be stored after you stop using the application solely for statistical purposes and for improving the application.

5. Other obligations of the parties

You are responsible for the completeness and reliability of the data you provide. Providing a piece of data does not relieve you of the need to provide the remainder of the data in the future. In case of inconsistencies and / or incorrectness in the data provided by you, if the personal data are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, they must be changed. You have the right to clarify your personal data by contacting the Company, as indicated below. You also have the right to request the blocking or destruction of your data. At the same time, you should understand that such a request means a refusal to use the application, and if you receive a request to block or delete personal data processed to provide you with an application, you will not be able to use the application.

The Company reserves the right, when deleting and / or modifying your data, to store the data that is necessary for the purposes of compliance with applicable law.

The terms used in this Policy without decoding have a common meaning that you can find out on publicly available resources on the Internet. In case of difficulties, contact the Company as indicated below. 

6. Changing this Privacy Policy.

The Company has the right to modify and / or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time during its validity and without prior notice to users. The company will try to notify you of changes in the document, but it is not its responsibility. You need to get acquainted with this document for changes and / or additions made to it independently (for example, with a frequency of at least once every five calendar days). The new version of the document will be posted at If you continue to use the application after making changes to this document, you agree to the new edition of the Privacy Policy.

7. Contacts

If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail: . To process your request, the Company may request clarifying data and information, including your name and other information necessary for full and complete consideration of the request. Please note that if you do not provide such information, the Company is deprived of the opportunity to help you, and the request may remain without permission.